Thursday, May 21, 2009

Endless questions

Why are some people so insensitive to other's feelings?

The other day a lady asked me if I have any children and I said no.She was bewildered and bombarded me with questions like'Why? We are not getting any younger, age is catching up on us.Did you check with the doctor? Did your husband check too because it could be from the husband?'
  • Firstly its none of your business.

  • Secondly, age does not matter.If Allah want to give, he will give at any age.

  • Thirdly, do I have to give u my full medical report? Coz it can take quite a while.

  • Fourth ..Do you think I'm stupid that I did a check up and my husband don't?

If I were to blasted her with the answers above, it would be rude and that is not what my parents had taught me.I just gritted my teeth, smiled and said,'Pray for me.Who knows Allah listen to your prayers.' and walked off.

Even when young, you have people asking questions, like how many A's you have, What college/University are you in.And if you answer them, they will ask, ' Oh? Why aren't u getting A's? Didn't you study?Why aren't you in this school? It is better in academic..bla..bla..bla!

And when you started working, they will ask if you had any boyfriend? When are you getting married?And if you are not married at a certain age that was 'scheduled' to be married, they will look at you quizzically, like as if something wrong with you that nobody wants you.And worst part, they instantly turn to a match making company.

And when you plan getting married, questions like, what is your husband doing? Does he have a car? a house? Does he come from a good family? Does he have a good income? What does my husband-to-be income got to do with you??

And when you are married, things like these will happen.Asking when we will have kids, why take us so long to have one.And if we do have one, our kids will start being ask the same questions.Its like a cycle.

So its a never ending questions you get from people.I don't mind if people were to ask but can you put it in a nice manner? And if I answer and you happen not to like my answer don't look at me like I'm some kind of alien!

P/S Just as I thought, Kris Allen will win American Idol!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Not cheepy!

Its 23 10 hrs and I'm still not sleepy.Its the latte that I had this afternoon with WJ and ZZ that makes me wide awake till now.

KY in Bandung for their 2 home game.The team have been doing extremely well for the past 5 matches.Hopefully they didn't break their rhythm.

I try drinking milk now and see if I'm able to sleep after that.Usually after hot beverages, I would immediately...ZZZzzzzzzzz

Monday, May 18, 2009

My rambles

Last Saturday, accompanied WJ to her daughter's friend birthday party at Kaluhur.This is my first time to Sentul and I was amazed with the scenery overlooking the mountains.The air is fresh and there are lots of greenery's along the road.I was hoping that we would move here if KY renew his contract this year.The only setback is the journey ....its 1 hr drive from Jakarta and that is if its a smooth road.If heavy traffic, it could take 2 hours back.Anyway, its just a thought!

Yesterday was a surprised for us.Abah replied to our smses.Every week KY will send smses to our parents checking if they are in good health so on and so forth.And my dearest Abah never once replied.He's not really into IT stuff.He does have a handphone but only know how to operate receive incoming and outgoing calls.So to receive sms from him is a good start! Way to go Abah! We know you can do it!!Lol!

Lately I have been missing my sister, Ana.She's in Paris with her husband and daughter, Umayrah.I missed talking to her.We would talk endlessly and laugh ourselves silly! She's 2 months pregnant now and I guess she must be having her morning sickness.I pray that she would be ok.I know its not easy for her to handle a 3 year old and being pregnant at the same time.

Today is Iman's birthday.She's 9 today.Will be going to PIM to look for her birthday present.She wanted a rabbit but WJ was against it.So maybe I would buy MP3 like her brother.

I finally did 2 layouts after re arranging my scrapbook supplies and I am so proud of myself.It took quite a while to get it started again.I'm doing my Bali trip last year and next will be the Eid festival....last's year one too!

KY will be out of town tommorow and will be back on Sunday.He got 4 more match to go before the league ends.And once he submit his report, we will be going back to Singapore for 2 weeks.I am trying to convince him to go for a short trip to Malaysia but he wanted to go to Bali instead.We'll see how it goes.

Next week my friend Sue will be coming to Jakarta with her family.I would be pretty busy starting next week onwards.After Sue's trip, Dil will be coming for 2 days and from 7-12th June, Shirin will be coming alone.Cant wait to bring them out!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And on and on ....

Had pengajian class today.It ended quite early because we are having Tasbeeh prayers which are held every 2nd week of the month.No wonder classes are full today and luckily I still have my wudhu' before I left the house.

After Dzuhur prayer, went to have lunch with Zai and Noreha in PIM.My stomach was rumbling but we couldn't decide what to have.In the end we settled for Bekerzia.I had Rawon that comes with rice , bean sprouts and chili paste at the side and a Latte.Guess I was too hungry...normally I would just settled for soup or something light.

Before I went for class I had a coffee and lunch another cup.I had to cut down on my caffeine intake. Had to compensate on Tea instead.I couldn't take cold gives me cramps afterwards.And plain water are so .....bleagh! Maybe add honey and lime wouldn't taste so bad.I might just try that.

Anyway, after lunch Ky fetched me from PIM.We need to go to Jakarta Timur to collect a lamp that I ordered during INACRAFT.Its made of fibre and with Allah Muhammad calligraphy.There is a bulb inside and when its lighted, its beautiful! KY fell in love with it that he bought another 2 vases for Umi and Mama that is made of clay.I must say that Indonesian people are very creative people.The owner was kind enough to packed for us in a box with bubble wraps and all.We need to order 2 more for my other 2 sets of parents!

P/S I am upset with a friend who uploaded pictures without asking our permission.Its nothing obscene but I think its ethical for her to ask before uploading!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scrapping...inspiration please!

I need motivations to start my scrap booking project.Its been on hold for wayyyy too long.I had enough papers, embellishments .....etc that can last me a lifetime! But I need drives to start me going soon.Later than that...I wouldn't know if my passion for scrapping would still be there.Hopefully it does!

Every time I had the mood to start scrapping, no idea would come.Sometimes, while in the car an idea would came suddenly and I would quickly wrote in down in my diary.But by the time, I'm home, I had forgotten all about it.I had pictures from last year and the year before that are still lying neatly in the box waiting to be scrap.I surfed the net to get ideas hoping that inspiration would come inside me...but sadly NO!

Maybe I need to rearrange my scrap booking get a teeny weeny bit of motivations going!

P/s I was on my computer for too long that my back hurts when I woke up today.Luckily I still had few pieces of heat plaster left.

Perfect marriage? No such things!

KY's contract end this November and still unsure if he will continue with the club.I am okay if he sign on again and I too would be all right if we were to go back to Singapore.Whichever decision he makes I will always support him.Soccer is his life and he always thrive to learn something new or take up new challenge.

Past 8 years we've been married, I was always being left alone and he would travel for work commitment.Even when I joined him here, the next day I was left alone in a new house, new environment without a driver.I learned to be independent, to get things running so I wont be too dependent on him.

Its difficult first few years of our get things adjusted.We had different ideas and he being away too often.We would argued at the most slightest things but through faith we managed to overcome the turmoil. It made us more mature and also Alhamdulillah I have family and few good friends to keep me at bay.Communication too is very important be it with husband, friends or families.

Throughout our marriage, we had learned a lot from each other.When we first started dating everything was so sweet, the sun is always shining , the moon is always round and bright, flowers blooming everywhere and boy was I wrong!A year after marriage, all bad habits started to surfaced little by little until you started to wander...Who is this Man I'm marrying ??Hmm...I didn't see that coming!Maybe I didn't read the fine lines.. by then its too late to turn back.Its either you swim or you drown.I chose to swim because I wanted him to be my first and last and till this very date I have never regretted my decision.

That's life...Nothing is perfect...and you thought you married a perfect man! ha ha ha...Wake up and smell the coffee!!You are not living in La La land!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sweet li'l Fitri

Called Mama yesterday to wish her Happy Mothers Day and she told me the most cutest story about my lil' cousin - Fitri.

Fitri is 5 years old.His mom (my Aunt) was in hospital so Mama and Bik A' took care of Fitri for the time being.One morning, Fitri came by Mama's house and saw her doing her beads necklaces.He told Mama that his Mum would love one of the necklaces and ask how much was it.Mama jokingly said..its $10.Next morning, he came knocking and ask for the necklace.He said he wants to buy it for his Mum.So Mama gave him the necklace and he went to visit his Mum at the hospital to give to her.Since its strict ruling that child under age of 12 couldn't enter the hospital ward, he pass the necklace to Bik A'.

Later in the afternoon, Fitri ask Bik A' to pass $10 to Mama.He took out his own money from his piggy bank to buy his Mum the necklace for Mother's Day!How sweet is that??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Random quizzes

Its Mother's Day today.Wish all the Mums and Mums-to-be A Happy Mother's Day!

Had these quizzes from one of the blogger and I should give it a try : -

1. What is something your husband always says to you?
'Have u pray?'

2. What makes your husband happy?
Watching soccer.

3. What makes your husband sad?
I dunno..I have never seen him sad or maybe he doesnt like showing it.

4. How old is your husband? goodness! I knew him when he's 23.

5. What was your husband like in high school?
Shy..extremely shy...that's what my MIL told me.

6. How tall is your husband?
170 cm and I love it!

7. What is your husband's favourite thing to do?
I will say it again...Watch soccer

8. What does your hubby do when you're not around?
And again...Watch soccer.

9. If your husband becomes famous, what will it be for?
For having ideas that no one can ever think of.

10.What is your husband really good at?
He's good in ordering his wife around.Think he's born
with it.Its one of his talent!

11.What is your husband not really good at?
He's not really good at fixing things at home.Like once he painted MIL's door and he painted the peephole too.And the poor woman have to peek through the window glass each time somebody rings the bell.

13.What is your husband's favourite food?
Bread.He lives on bread especially french loaves.

14.What makes you proud of your husband?
His principles and his dedication.

15.If your husband were a cartoon character, which would he be?
Mr Bean...ha ha ha.Sorry honey!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting married

I was on my computer when Ibah msn me and told me that our brother Fawzan, is getting married.I had a shock of my life! Well..not really.I know he will settle down one day..but to hear the news was simply shocking.
  • Firstly, we have never heard him liking a girl or he having a girlfriend.
  • Secondly, he doesnt met the girl before.

Here how the story goes...

Fawzan teaches at a mosque and one day an uncle approaches him and took liking of him.
He wanted Fawzan to be his son-in-law.Fawzan consulted my parents and to make story short, my parents went to the uncle's house to get to know his family.So when my parents came back and ask Fawzan if he's interested...and he said yes although he has never met the girl before.Kind of weird..isn't it? But I know my brother will make a right choice and whomever he chooses I would be happy for him.The wedding Insya'allah will be end of this year.A wedding to plan! I'm so excited! But I know he would probably want a simple no-fuss wedding.

This week was kind of a slow one.
Went to PIM with WJ...first time I went out with her alone after her ordeal.She needs to get some stuff there.She was doing great although in wheelchair.And some people would just stare at her.Come on! You have never seen people in wheelchair before? Quit staring!

KY advised me to bring her out everyday for a short while.It would be good for her rather than she staying at home.

P/s I'm hook with my PSP.I'm now playing SIMS 2 Castaway.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Where have the days gone?

I had a terrible migraine yesterday.Pop 2 panadol extra and slept the whole afternoon.Woke up this morning feeling fuzzy wuzzy.You know the feeling after too much sleep and your body just feel urrgghhh...

Had to dragged myself out of bed.So many things that need to be done today.I need to go for groceries shopping, pay my bills and go to the bank to transfer money.

By the time I finished its already late afternoon.Sometimes you just wonder how the days gone by so fast .

Ky had a game today and he will be back later in the evening.

Today was my MIL's birthday.Happy Birthday Umi!