Saturday, November 22, 2008

Am home....

We're back home in Singapore for 2 weeks visit.Arrived on the 9th Nov and only today I manage to update the blog.

What have I been doing for the past 1 week?
To sum it, eat and eat! Gain weight..yes I do!MIL was cooking up a storm (fav son in town !), cooking her son's favourite dishes.

Went to see Prof PC Wong at NUH for consultation on the IVF.
Apparently I was ovulating so he suggested that we proceed to do the IUI.It was a long session of consultation...not sure if everything is kept in my head.

Well, we did the IUI this morning.
The appointment at the Andrology clinic was at 730 am n once KY dispatched , we were to return to the CHR at 1030 am.

And now here I am typing away.
KY will be back this Tues but I have to stay back and wait for my next cycle...hopefully the next cycle won't come!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Homey home...

KY decided to go back this Sunday.First season will be over and he had 2 weeks off before training starts.The only thing is that I have to stay because of the IVF.

My period came yesterday...disappointed?Yeah ...a lil' but I'm already over it.
Anyway, our appointment at NUH is on the 19th Nov - Prof PC Wong.This 2 weeks was all about finding infos on IVF.Luckily we had put aside some money for the procedures coz we know it will cost a bomb.But its okay...priority comes first.

Had a slight tiffed with KY yesterday.It started on Tuesday morning.I woke up feeling lethargic since I had just recovered from a mild diarrhea.I decided that I would not attend class today at the yayasan.Already sms Ibuk Yuni that I wont be coming in today.

Anyway, woke up at 9 , took a shower and went to Carrefour ...
before that WJ called and ask if I would like to scout around for her lil' master's birthday goody bags this week.I said Okay..might as well.So went to fetched her and did my groceries.And we went to Fatmawati to buy the goody bags and stuff.Went home late afternoon.KY was watching cables when I came in.He ask me where did I go.I told him where I went etc...At night when we were about to sleep, he ask me where are my priorities? I was dumbstruck!What priorities? He said that I gave hope to the children to teach but yet I didn't go and instead I went around running in malls.I admit that it was my mistake but I didn't do it on body were still recovering.The cold wars lasted for 2 days.And yesterday, when he was about to go for training, he hugged me and apologised.Love him to bits and pieces!

Today after class went to pay my bills and had lunch at home.
KY not home yet.Continue doing my latest project while watching cables.