Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Me Time..Thats what I need!

Ok...How much I love you to bits and pieces, don't you think its little bit too much of us?

I'm counting the days you start your training and travelling.Don't get me wrong...I love you..I do... but too much of you can be quite overwhelming for me.I missed my own space ...I missed my own time..'Me Time'.A time where I can be alone without you interrupting with...'Where are my keys? Where is my blue shirt? How you get this thing going? ...bla..bla..bla'
Last Sat me, Linda and Aida went to a fashion show held by a local designer.Its a all ladies event.I had a great time dolling up myself which I seldom get to do.Since its all ladies event, no men are allowed.So we ladies partied without our hijab on which is a good thing ..for me at least.The dresses was superb but too much of bling! bling!It nearly blinded my eyes!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

We are broke...yes we are!

9th July 2009 - We finally cleared our mortgage on the house.And now the house is officially OURS! We are now dead broke but debt free!Its been KY's dream to settle the house loan when he took the job in Jakarta.We were at the Town Council when we hand in the cheque.I was quite sad...lots of things I could do with that sum of money! I could re-renovate the whole house!Now we have to start from scratch...although we do have some left but that is for our retirement.

Went to the dentist 2 days ago and had my teeth polished.My mouth was numb afterwards.The dentist said that I still had one wisdom tooth not removed and if I have any intention to remove it.Nah, as long as it doesnt bother me...just leave the poor tooth there!Now I was contemplating to do teeth whitening.

Yesterday, Dad and Mummy hosted a bar-b-q for WJ and family.They invited the ex Nat players and their family.It was quite fun chatting with the girls and the kids playing by the pool.It ended quite late and I was dead beat by then.

Today, Airin will be having a bar-b-q for her daughter's birthday at Changi.I am in no mood to bar-b-queuing but I already promised her that I would come.I'm not a bar-b-que kind of person...eating half cooked meat that tasted like charcoal! Only consolation is that I get to meet my friends!The only thing is that Ida and Linda couldn't attend ...but that's ok!

I already bought materials for Eid and couldn't wait to fly back to Jkt to have it tailored.I already visualised how it will turn out to be.I'm so excited! The first material is silk lavender and I will make a jilbaya and attach a gold lace on the waistline.And the second material is a lime green soft chiffon and it will turn out like what Paris Hilton wore during the Abu Dhabi Fashion Week...with few adjustments here and there.

P/S I'm craving for J CO's yoghurt!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Invalid post template - HUH?

Finaaalllly....managed to create a new post.Cant seem to create new entry, funny alphabets prompt out saying something wrong with my templates.But somehow ,miraculously today it healed by itself.

We are back in our homeland for a month and its been 2 weeks since we are home.BFF Linda, lend us her USB so we managed to go into Internet in comfort of our own home.Thanks buddy! I owe you one!

Yesterday we were at TM, KY wanted to buy me a new handphone for my birthday - Blackberry Storm.I was contemplating whether I really need that or for something else.I'm not a big fan of handphone and to crack my head to learn a new gadgets can be quite frustrating.And who can I BB to?

MJ passed away last week.It was a sad news for all MJ fans.I love his songs during my heydays and I think he is a great singer, composer and dancer..THE BEST!His death will be a great loss to the music industry.