Saturday, December 13, 2008

Oh my poor feet...

Ok, I was in TM Mall last week with besties looking for shoes.Nothing seems to catches my eyes ..its either wedges (which I'm trying to break away from) , heel too high , colour to blah! or front to rounded (I'm petite - so anything rounded in front is a No No!).I need something comfortable to slip on...something that I could wear whole day without tiring my poor dainty feet.

Then we came across Clarks section and fall in love with this pair.The moment I slipped it feels like you're walking on air!
I'm definitely buying it during my next trip! Insya'allah.

Friday, December 12, 2008

IVF journey....a new beginning

5th Dec 2008

In Singapore for my blood test in NUH and had some documents that needed to be read and sign.Went to eat lunch with Mummy and Dad afterwards - had Hainan Chicken Rice.After lunch Dad drop me off at Mama's house.She was surprised that I came back again.Had to tell her a white lie.Told her that I had to go to HDB because of our house issues.I would love to tell her the reason I came back but I know she would be so worried about me and she would fuss over me.And if the IVF failed, I wouldn't bear to see her disappointment.

My next appointment will be 11th Dec with Prof Wong for my blood review.
This date will determine whether we are qualified to go ahead with the IVF or not.

Now the question is....what am I suppose to do next 6 days?
Without my lap top, my books, my scrap album and most of all my KY.Its been a long week...for me at least.What I did? hindi movies n cried my heart out...and read again.

At last 11Dec came.
My appointment is at 935 am at NUH.
I was quite nervous actually.What happen if we are not fit to do the IVF? Should we go for adoption? When my name was called out by the nurse, I said a lil' prayers before I went in.Prof Wong came in soon after...and he look into the report and explain what are the results...which was quite hazy for me.Ok some of the medical terms I don't quite understand.The only words I understood was, 'Ok, looking at the report and you and your husband will go ahead with the IVF.'Alhamdulillah...we finally get to do it.

On 23rd Dec is the starting of Follicle stimulation.
I have to self inject of Suprefact(Buserelin) for 2 weeks.This procedure is to stimulate the ovaries to produce follicles containing the egg.The thought of self injecting myself already scared the hell out of me.The nurse who showed me how it was done make it sound so easy.yeah..try poking yourself and we'll see how easy that is!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life on an airplane

I was supposed to go back Jakarta after Aidil Adha but was getting restless in Singapore.KY not around so decided to go back earlier.And if my period came then I wold have to fly back again.If my calculation are correct that means it would be another 2 more weeks.So at least I had ample time to spend with KY.

So re-book flight tickets and had to pay US 50 for re-booking fees.
And guess what? 3 days after arriving Jakarta, my period came this morning.In fact I could feel it while I was making breakfast for KY.He was sympathetic and consoling....I guess he could see that I was about to burst into tears.I tried to hold back my tears as I do not want to cry in front of him.Deep down he knew that I was disappointed.

So now is the journey of going through IVF.Have contacted NUH and this Friday will be my blood test and Day 21 of my menses will be self injection for 14 days.

Already book my flight ticket home ...again.
Will be going back on Thurs night and Friday morn Dad and mummy will send me to hospital and straight to airport.Going back Jakarta on Friday itself.Didn't inform mama and Umi that I'll be home for a day because I know there will be lots of questioning and we plan to keep this IVF things to our self (besides Dad & Mummy) till I'm confirm pregnant.
I pray to Allah that this procedure will be a success...insyallah!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Am home....

We're back home in Singapore for 2 weeks visit.Arrived on the 9th Nov and only today I manage to update the blog.

What have I been doing for the past 1 week?
To sum it, eat and eat! Gain weight..yes I do!MIL was cooking up a storm (fav son in town !), cooking her son's favourite dishes.

Went to see Prof PC Wong at NUH for consultation on the IVF.
Apparently I was ovulating so he suggested that we proceed to do the IUI.It was a long session of consultation...not sure if everything is kept in my head.

Well, we did the IUI this morning.
The appointment at the Andrology clinic was at 730 am n once KY dispatched , we were to return to the CHR at 1030 am.

And now here I am typing away.
KY will be back this Tues but I have to stay back and wait for my next cycle...hopefully the next cycle won't come!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Homey home...

KY decided to go back this Sunday.First season will be over and he had 2 weeks off before training starts.The only thing is that I have to stay because of the IVF.

My period came yesterday...disappointed?Yeah ...a lil' but I'm already over it.
Anyway, our appointment at NUH is on the 19th Nov - Prof PC Wong.This 2 weeks was all about finding infos on IVF.Luckily we had put aside some money for the procedures coz we know it will cost a bomb.But its okay...priority comes first.

Had a slight tiffed with KY yesterday.It started on Tuesday morning.I woke up feeling lethargic since I had just recovered from a mild diarrhea.I decided that I would not attend class today at the yayasan.Already sms Ibuk Yuni that I wont be coming in today.

Anyway, woke up at 9 , took a shower and went to Carrefour ...
before that WJ called and ask if I would like to scout around for her lil' master's birthday goody bags this week.I said Okay..might as well.So went to fetched her and did my groceries.And we went to Fatmawati to buy the goody bags and stuff.Went home late afternoon.KY was watching cables when I came in.He ask me where did I go.I told him where I went etc...At night when we were about to sleep, he ask me where are my priorities? I was dumbstruck!What priorities? He said that I gave hope to the children to teach but yet I didn't go and instead I went around running in malls.I admit that it was my mistake but I didn't do it on body were still recovering.The cold wars lasted for 2 days.And yesterday, when he was about to go for training, he hugged me and apologised.Love him to bits and pieces!

Today after class went to pay my bills and had lunch at home.
KY not home yet.Continue doing my latest project while watching cables.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lazy woozy...

Weekends are over.Gosh the days whizzed in a split sec.
Yesterday was a lazy day.Watch Beverly Hills on dvd and that's just about it.Planned to finish up my projects (had countless of them) but am just to damn lazy to lift a finger.
Sigh...must be the weather.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spin around

My head were spinning and I had a splitting headache when I woke up this morning.Could be from the late night yesterday.

Classes was fun today despite my dizziness.
We combined both classes with WJ's and revised from basic.Had additional 6 children from my class.Next week we'll need to split up the children.They could be quite a handful to handle sometimes.What motivates me to teach them was their eagerness to learn.A wise man ever told me,'The more you impart your knowledge to others, the more you will receive.'

After class, went to fetch WJ's boys from soccer training.
Me and WJ went to Poins to look for bedspread for her lil' princess.Had a quick lunch there and went for a spa.Wanted to cut and highlight my hair but I know it will take forever and KY will be home soon.He could be quite naggy if I'm not home before him.We had creambath instead.
Opi who did my hair did a terrific job in massaging my neck and back.Felt so relaxed and light after that.KY arrived slightly before me and had taken his nap.He must be so exhausted with the travelling and plus the stress! I felt so sorry for him.We had a quiet dinner and watched movies on cable after that.

Tomorrow the mattress and pillow company will be sending the stuff to the Yayasan tomorrow and I need to be there to check.

Waiting for tomorrow...

KY will be home tomorrow afternoon...yippee!
His travelling is taking up most of his time.I do feel lonely sometimes without him around especially when you're alone in a strange environment, but I've gotten used to it.8 years of marriage had taught me lots....especially patience and communications.

Enough said....KY will be back! Yahooo!!! And he will go off again next Saturday...sigh!!

Tomorrow morning is our 1st day of classes ever since Eid.The kids getting too pampered without homework.Its so cute that Ibuk Nurhayati called to check if we will still be coming this weekend to teach.

Oh...and she got few teachers over to learn English at the Yayasan from us.Nur came over this afternoon to go through what was suppose to do for tomorrow's class.Luckily,we had photostated worksheets before the long holiday.

P/S We will definitely go ahead with IVF.