Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lazy woozy...

Weekends are over.Gosh the days whizzed in a split sec.
Yesterday was a lazy day.Watch Beverly Hills on dvd and that's just about it.Planned to finish up my projects (had countless of them) but am just to damn lazy to lift a finger.
Sigh...must be the weather.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spin around

My head were spinning and I had a splitting headache when I woke up this morning.Could be from the late night yesterday.

Classes was fun today despite my dizziness.
We combined both classes with WJ's and revised from basic.Had additional 6 children from my class.Next week we'll need to split up the children.They could be quite a handful to handle sometimes.What motivates me to teach them was their eagerness to learn.A wise man ever told me,'The more you impart your knowledge to others, the more you will receive.'

After class, went to fetch WJ's boys from soccer training.
Me and WJ went to Poins to look for bedspread for her lil' princess.Had a quick lunch there and went for a spa.Wanted to cut and highlight my hair but I know it will take forever and KY will be home soon.He could be quite naggy if I'm not home before him.We had creambath instead.
Opi who did my hair did a terrific job in massaging my neck and back.Felt so relaxed and light after that.KY arrived slightly before me and had taken his nap.He must be so exhausted with the travelling and plus the stress! I felt so sorry for him.We had a quiet dinner and watched movies on cable after that.

Tomorrow the mattress and pillow company will be sending the stuff to the Yayasan tomorrow and I need to be there to check.

Waiting for tomorrow...

KY will be home tomorrow afternoon...yippee!
His travelling is taking up most of his time.I do feel lonely sometimes without him around especially when you're alone in a strange environment, but I've gotten used to it.8 years of marriage had taught me lots....especially patience and communications.

Enough said....KY will be back! Yahooo!!! And he will go off again next Saturday...sigh!!

Tomorrow morning is our 1st day of classes ever since Eid.The kids getting too pampered without homework.Its so cute that Ibuk Nurhayati called to check if we will still be coming this weekend to teach.

Oh...and she got few teachers over to learn English at the Yayasan from us.Nur came over this afternoon to go through what was suppose to do for tomorrow's class.Luckily,we had photostated worksheets before the long holiday.

P/S We will definitely go ahead with IVF.