Monday, March 30, 2009

Agony of the 2ww

I'm still in dazed.

ER (Embroy Retrieval)was done on 24th March at 12 30 noon.But we have to be there in the morning.I wasn't allowed to eat the night before at midnight.After registering, we were ushered to the Day Surgery Ward at room 2.It was a nice cosy room overlooking a koi pond.After changing to the hospital uniform, there is nothing much to do except to wait and watch HBO.I managed to take note that at 5pm 'I am Legend' will be showing.

At 11 15 am,I was brought to the OT waiting area.After few questioning from the nurses, I was lead to the OT room.I was quite nervous actually..didn't know what to expect.I was give a jab to 'knock' me off.When I woke up its over...didn't feel any pain but I was famished! have not eaten since last night.I was suppose to rest for few hours before they discharged me.At 3 pm, me and KY was discussing what to eat once discharged.I remembered I told him I wanted to eat fish soup with rice.At 5 pm a doctor came and checked on me an by 6 pm I was out.

Inside the car on the way to eat, I felt queasy .The medication was wearing off...I vomited in the car.luckily I had a plastic bag in my bag.Oooh! I felt so uneasy head felt like a 10 tone truck sitting on it.Told KY I don't think so I could make it for dinner.I just wanted to go home.We went to my mom's house instead.She made porridge and I just wallop it all.

KY had to leave for Jakarta the next day.He felt bad for leaving me alone but I'm OK with it.I know he got his job to attend to.I understand darling! Alone at home again...waiting for hospital to call when scheduled for ET.The call finally came and I was scheduled for ET on Friday.

Mummy and Dad send me to the hospital and I was supposed to drink fluids and hold it during the surgery.This time i wasn't being 'knock' off.I was awake throughout the session.It was quite uneasy since I badly wanted to go to the toilet.It was an 15mins process and I was lead back to my room with the bed tilted so it wouldn't spill...I guess.The room was cold and here I was trying hard not to pee.I managed to hold for an hour.I rang the nurse and told them I just need to pee..please.The nurse gave me a bed pan and ...sigh!!

5pm mummy came and fetched me and I was supposed to bed rest for a week.I read in the blog the 2ww (2 week wait) was the longest wait ever.Because during that period , you will be wondering..will I or will I not get pregnant ? And I'm still wondering.I pray to Allah to let me give the chance to become a mommy.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our 2nd journey

Our 2nd IVF cycle.
I was back in Singapore 4th March for my 2nd attempt in IVF.It was supposed to be in February but I wouldn't want to leave the kids behind.

Prof was very understanding.This time round was different from the previous cycle.On my 4th day of my menses had to inject Gonal F - 225IU.Every two days I had to see Prof and take blood test.My body was responding quite well...I think.Had 6 eggs on the left and 5 eggs on the right.

My ER scheduled this Tuesday, 24th March.KY will be coming today....tonight in fact,But he will only be staying for few days.Miss him so....

My 2 weeks here in Singapore was quite interesting!

I came back to my own home.Its a good feeling.First two days was reserved for spring cleaning the house.Once its a pure satisfaction!

Met up with my old girls...The Danglers..ha haha...that's what we called ourselves during our heydays!Everybody looks the same.Most of the time we kept recalling our past and laugh our heads off.

Spend quality time with my girlfriends.Linda had a chalet at Downtown East and we came down for bar-b-q.And yesterday, we went to JB for shop and food spree.Its been a long time we drove to JB and I was amazed that there a lots of new malls.

Most probably will be staying for another week.Lets see what Prof had to say.
Its funny now that I had to ask for Prof's permission to go back when before I had to ask KY's permission.