Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its been a year

I've been neglecting my own blog...its like I have magically vanished in the surface of the earth.The truth was, been busy lately.A year??!!! Well...not really! its just that I'm in no mood to penned down my thoughts though a lot of things had happened within a year.

To sum up, we are back in our homeland! Back to my HSH! my sanctuary, my solitude, my own space! And now its finally look like a home.I just hope KY didnt drop another bombshell that we will be moving again...not so soon I hope!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My niece was born

We welcome a new addition to our family.My niece, Anaelle Hayra was born on 14th Dec 2009.When Ana posted her picture, it reminded me of Umayrah - her elder sister.How those two look alike when they were born! Umayrah was over the moon when she saw her baby sister.She wanted to hold her, fed her and wouldnt want anybody to hold her.She thinks she's the mother...How cute was that!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mixed Feeling

Habib went to the office this morning to finalised his last day of service here.It will end January 2010.

Lots of packing need to be done but I just want to take my time doing it.Firstly, I need to get few quotations since I'm bringing back my dining table and living room set and other stuff!Goodness...didn't know I have accumulated that much! he he he!

Yesterday, we planned to watch 2012 movie but it was sold out.Do you believe that...and its Monday yesterday!So this morning, at 11 I'm already at the theatre to buy for tonight's show.Based of the review the movie was a hit.Not to get ourselves carried away while a Muslim, only Allah knows when will be the end of the world.

P/s Habib loved my Feta cheese Salad and Beef Mayo sandwiches!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank You..

Question that I have been dreading for past 3 years - What happen if you were to go back to your hometown?

To be honest, my answer will be NO.And why? So many memories I had during my stay here.It seem a short stay but deep inside me there is a connection with this country.I love the people, the custom , the massive jam and even the so-called unhygienic food cart seller.Lots of things I had achieved during my stay...I managed to recite the Quran, I managed to offer my service to the orphanage and lots more which I had wanted to do.My only regret was I could have done more if only we stayed longer.

When I leave this country, only consolation that stays with me is that my 3 years here is not wasted.I will always keep the memories inside me.

Thank you Indonesia!

Monday, November 2, 2009

1st November - a date to remember

1st Nov probably the most saddest day ever for Habib.

1st November mark the death his late father.And yesterday, 1st November, we received a call that his good friend , Jack passed away while playing for charity.And 1st November too, he decided not to sign on for another term here.

I will always remember this date.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Up and About

Laylat Al-Qadr that falls the last 10 days of Ramadhan are very important to all Muslims.I hope I would be able to i`tikaf (spiritual retreat) during these period and I hope that I'm able to qatam.Insyallah! If my eyes don't fail me!

I was busy these Ramadhan.I was amazed at my own self.This year, I was extremely busy in buying groceries and in the kitchen...preparing menu to cook for iftar and run errands.

I had my days planned out the night before.Morning after sahur and Suboh, I wont sleep and 8 am and that's when I would do my groceries and errands.Here , some things cant be found in one place, so you have to run around few different places.Reached home by Noon and prep the maid what to cook and stuff.After Dzuhur, Habib will go for his training....check my FB and emails for an hour or so.Andy by 4.....I would be busy in the kitchen.Habib said that would be the only time you can see me in the kitchen, after Ramadhan I would be at the 'mall' kitchen! Yeah...sometimes dont understand my own self.If the urged to cook came, I would be cooking a storm.

This Ramadhan I was exceptionally because I'm able to share my cooking's to few of our neighbours.Alhamdulillah!


Habib bought BB curve for my pre-birthday.I was hoping for something else but Alhamdulillah, that will do.On my birthday itself, will be going back to Sin for pathetic was that? Didn't get to celebrate birthday with Habib.I'm too old to be celebrating anyway! There are few significant birthday occasions that I would always remember.

Year 1991, a too long birthday!Celebrate birthday with my girlfriends, a week before and after!It was like the whole month was my birthday!

Year 2005, celebrated birthday in 2 different countries.Morning in Rome and evening in Paris.How cool was that! Actually we were on vacation and on the day itself we were catching a flight to Paris from Rome.

This year would be like any other year, would be receiving birthday texts, messages on my FB, MSN, emails, phone calls etc.Alhamdulillah...I am remembered!!


Its 730 am here and I'm still in my PJ's happily typing away.Would head for shower soon and pengajian later at 10 and after that few last minute errands to do.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ramadhan Kareem

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslim brothers and sisters. Its been four days since we started fasting, Insyallah during this sacred month, make use of the opportunity to gain out of it.Its a month to be close to Allah.

Ramadhan Mubarak to All!!