Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mixed Feeling

Habib went to the office this morning to finalised his last day of service here.It will end January 2010.

Lots of packing need to be done but I just want to take my time doing it.Firstly, I need to get few quotations since I'm bringing back my dining table and living room set and other stuff!Goodness...didn't know I have accumulated that much! he he he!

Yesterday, we planned to watch 2012 movie but it was sold out.Do you believe that...and its Monday yesterday!So this morning, at 11 I'm already at the theatre to buy for tonight's show.Based of the review the movie was a hit.Not to get ourselves carried away while watching...as a Muslim, only Allah knows when will be the end of the world.

P/s Habib loved my Feta cheese Salad and Beef Mayo sandwiches!

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