Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank You..

Question that I have been dreading for past 3 years - What happen if you were to go back to your hometown?

To be honest, my answer will be NO.And why? So many memories I had during my stay here.It seem a short stay but deep inside me there is a connection with this country.I love the people, the custom , the massive jam and even the so-called unhygienic food cart seller.Lots of things I had achieved during my stay...I managed to recite the Quran, I managed to offer my service to the orphanage and lots more which I had wanted to do.My only regret was I could have done more if only we stayed longer.

When I leave this country, only consolation that stays with me is that my 3 years here is not wasted.I will always keep the memories inside me.

Thank you Indonesia!

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